netADIT version 5.2.0 is available since December 15, 2022. The main focus of the new version lies in the extension of handling and security.   


fileADIT has made a leap into the future and not only the name is meant: cloudADIT - web-based file management with granular rights assignment despite simple administration in a modern dress and modern technology, modularly structured and constantly being further developed. The cloud solution in-house!


netADIT version 5.1.0 is available since July 2021. The main focus of the new version lies in expanding the function and configuration of the NAC functionality.


The version V4.3.0 of netADIT is available since 20th of December 2019. Next to bugfixes the main changes are in the firewall management.


The version V4.2.0 of netADIT is available since 29th of November 2018. One of the important improvements is the enhancement of usability and user and device management. Also the handling of guest access has been optimized as an answer to changes on the mobile device environment.


The version V4.1.0 of netADIT is available since 31st of October 2017. Next to bugfixes and security patches the main changes are guest management and NAC configuration.


netADIT V3.2.0 is available since November 2014. The most important changes are the new module naFBauth and the possibility to backup the system by GUI.

New Modules

naFBauth V1.0

This module provides the possibility to logon at the guest site with the guests personal Facebook account and requests, if enabled, the like of a specified like site.


Version V3.1.0 of netADIT, a product of TR-Tec GmbH is available since 28th of January 2014. The main improvements are a new modules to configure. administrate and monitor NAC boxes and request additional information in the sms registration process.

3. Generation extended

With this version of netADIT also next to the new Modules to manage NAC boxes and 802.1x authentication or to extend the module naSMSreg, also the basic system and a few modules got an extension of the functionality or new features!