netADIT – secure & clearly defined network access for staff and guests

Would you like to grant your staff, business partners, guests or outside service providers secure, limited access to your network so that they can be authorised to perform certain tasks?


Here's what you get out of it! netADIT is...

 user-friendly

Set up guests with 3 clicks and greet them with access data

 secure & traceable

Precise identification through NAC (Network Access Control), granting permissions and logging

 flexible 

Various access and registration options for network guests (BYOD, hotspot & SMS, stationary device)

 controllable 

Set up individual guest permissions & duration of access

 personisable

Log-in mask and backend individually designable

 modular 

You only pay for the functions that you really need

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What does netADIT do?

netADIT is THE software for the precise granting and control of different access authorisations for (company) networks and data by means of Network Access Control (NAC). It enables staff, outside service providers and guests to fulfil precisely defined tasks in the network concerned, either on stationary devices or on their own portable devices, via WLAN or LAN, by means of a role-based access control system. This can, for example, range from exclusive internet surfing for visitors to very extensive access for staff.

Who finds netADIT useful?

netADIT is particularly well-suited for controlled network access in medium-sized to large companies, organisations and authorities, schools and universities, townships and tourist centres, as well as (seminar) hotels. Thanks to the modular structure of the software, you'll get a tailor-made solution. So you only pay for what you really need.

netADIT as a network solution for staff and guests

  • For system administrators, known as super users, netADIT is simple to manage and service. A technical handbook will support you in doing this.
  • Operators, that is, users at the point of reception, can set up new guests at lightning speed and immediately welcome them with their personal log-in field.
  • Staff are recognised by their individual devices and user names, and have access to any necessary data and actions for which they are authorised through NAC (Network Access Control). The system can thereby differentiate between a company device or private device, thus enabling BYOD (Bring in Your Own Device).
  • Visitors or outside service providers, such as IT service providers, can log into the network through the guest solution. There, they can carry out activities for which they are authorised, such as internet surfing, printing or installations comfortably and securely.


That's how netADIT works

What users say

"Here at the University of Applied Sciences, a lot of people meet one another: university staff, teachers, students and many guest lecturers. It wasn't until we changed over to netADIT, with its precise access rules, that we were able to give these people with different authorisations secure and precisely defined access to our network. Now a staff member in the ceremony hall can use all systems with its notebook while a guest speaker has just access to the guest network. "

Franz Kern, Manager IT & Infrastructure at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

"As the Austrian Federal Computing Centre, we are the IT service provider and digital government partner of the Austrian administration. In this function, a secure access solution for guests to the Computing Centre is an absolute must. Through using netADIT and its special interface module for our in-house intranet we can enable our visitors to have temporary access which is nonetheless securely separated from our internal network."

Ing. Alexander Kronsteiner, Infrastructure Client and Netzwerk Services at the Austrian Federal Computing Centre



netADIT V3.2.0 is available since November 2014. The most important changes are the new module naFBauth and the possibility to backup the system by GUI.

New Modules

naFBauth V1.0

This module provides the possibility to logon at the guest site with the guests personal Facebook account and requests, if enabled, the like of a specified like site.


Version V3.1.0 of netADIT, a product of TR-Tec GmbH is available since 28th of January 2014. The main improvements are a new modules to configure. administrate and monitor NAC boxes and request additional information in the sms registration process.

3. Generation extended

With this version of netADIT also next to the new Modules to manage NAC boxes and 802.1x authentication or to extend the module naSMSreg, also the basic system and a few modules got an extension of the functionality or new features!


netADIT Product Information 5.2.0

Get to know netADITs functions and modules better (Document in German)


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