netADIT – The network access solution for staff and guests

  • Define safe and precise permissions for your network users 
  • Set up guest users with just 3 clicks
  • Register with different devices (BYOD)

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fileADIT – Safe file management for sucessful projects

  • Defined permissions for projects, fils and users 
  • Be independent from other services and keep your data on your servers!
  • More efficient cooperation

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Individual IT-Solutions 

We design an efficient and safe IT infrastructure.

Your data, mails and website are in safe hands. 

SaaS (Software as a Service)
Rent netADIT or fileADIT for a fair price.

TR-Tec® – Your partner for Network– Server – Security

Since 2005, TR-Tec has been developing software to make digital working life more secure and convenient. Data security and customer satisfaction are thereby the top priority at TR-Tec.

Distribution partners throughout Austria market the software products netADIT and fileADIT created by TR-Tec and stand ready to support you as regional contacts.

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TR-Tec Gründer Thomas Reisenbichler



The version V4.3.0 of netADIT is available since 20th of December 2019. Next to bugfixes the main changes are in the firewall management.

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