netADIT V3.2.0 released

netADIT V3.2.0 is available since November 2014. The most important changes are the new module naFBauth and the possibility to backup the system by GUI.

New Modules

naFBauth V1.0

This module provides the possibility to logon at the guest site with the guests personal Facebook account and requests, if enabled, the like of a specified like site.


naBasic V3.2.0

In the section System configuration is a new tab named Maintenance that provides the possibility to backup netADIT by GUI. Also new is, that in CSV files for importing users the semicolon at the end of a line is now optional.

naFirewall V3.2

If the module naAGBauth is active the modules naSMSreg and naFBauth will not be shown.

naPersist V3.2

At the guest settings a time period can be set optionally after that the guest account will be disabled again automatically.

naMacAuth V3.2

In module settings can be chosen to store the MAC in lower or upper case letters. With this possibility a wider range of switches are supported by netADIT.