Fourth generation of netADIT

The fourth generation of netADIT is available since October 2015. Here is an overview of the main changes:

  • Change to the latest version of the underlying operating system – this enables that security updates can also be provided in the future
  • Modernisation and expension of the guest access interface
  • Expension of the administration area

The changes in detail

The basic system of netADIT 4 is no longer the fifth, but the seventh generation of CentOS and RedHat Enterprise Linux. NAC boxes for the module naNACconf for Network Access Control for the management and configuration of old CentOS 5/RedHat 5 installations are still possible and supported.

The graphic design of the login is state-of-the-art now, so that with responsive design each display can be used ideally; colour and design are adjustable.

In the administration area, it was mainly the system maintenance function which was expanded, beside some minor add-ons (possibility to display the description in user lists, adjustment of the logo on pdf prints, etc). With the GUI the system can be secured, restored, new licenses can be allocated, or with a simple click the 802.1x authentication control rules can be adapted. Naturally, also a CLI can be used for this, in order to automate the scripts.