fileADIT grows to cloudADIT

fileADIT has made a leap into the future and not only the name is meant: cloudADIT - web-based file management with granular rights assignment despite simple administration in a modern dress and modern technology, modularly structured and constantly being further developed. The cloud solution in-house!

And what's new now?

In short: almost everything! In case of the simple handling and the well-known reliability, fileADIT has already set the bar very high and cloudADIT of course remain true to that. But that’s it - cloudADIT was rebuilt from scratch and now it is a multilingual system that, thanks to its responsive design, provides access to project data also on mobile devices - of course, that the granted file permissions allow it.

These file permissions can now also be assigned to individual users in addition to groups. Speaking of users: To avoid double user administration, an existing directory service such as ActiveDirectory can also be connected and used. Of course also with 2-factor authentication if desired. And then there's the new news management, the mail notification in case of file uploads, ...

What's new now? Actually everything! Even the fact that cloudADIT can also be rented as SaaS if desired.


More details about cloudADIT are available at cloudADIT - of course, setting up a demo system is always an option!