netADIT V5.1.0 available

netADIT version 5.1.0 is available since July 2021. The main focus of the new version lies in expanding the function and configuration of the NAC functionality.

And what is new?

To highlight the major changes: In the area of NAC functionality, the SSL certificates of the NAC boxes can be maintained centrally via the GUI. In addition to the device and user, the SSID can also be used as a criterion for VLAN assignment. This means that different VLAN assignments are possible for the same user / device combination, depending on the type of connection (LAN or WLAN). In the case of multiple SSIDs, a separate rule can also be assigned to each WLAN.

Something has also changed in the basic system: netADIT is now using PHP 7.4 and also supports TLS for LDAP.