​fileADIT: Secure collaboration across borders

Would you like to enable your project team to have precisely defined access to your data, while still keeping that data securely in your own system rather than storing it in the cloud?

Here's what you get out of it! fileADIT is ...

secure and independent

The data is kept on your own server – independent of Dropbox & Co.

precisely controllable

Each user group receives precisely defined authorisations for cooperative, secure collaboration


The icon-based user interface guarantees simple operation 


The collaboration in projects functions faster and more efficiently


You can see new files and changes at a glance


Your data storage space grows with your server


Your options with fileADIT 

What does fileADIT do?

fileADIT makes the daily collaboration in project teams easier. It makes the exchange of data faster and more secure — across all borders! The data thereby stays in your company, keeping you independent of third party providers and their unclear data protection clauses. fileADIT's precise assignment of permissions at the document and folder level ensures clear roles. Thus, each project member can only see and process data in accordance with his roles.

How does fileADIT work?

Projects are displayed in a classic folder structure, with as many subfolders as one likes. Files in all file formats can be uploaded here. The administrator (project owner) can assign permissions for individual folders and contents to different users and user groups. These permissions range from the simple listing of the directory contents to the autonomous passing-on of access authorisations.

Who benefits from fileADIT?

fileADIT is suitable for data exchange within companies (departments, project working groups), between agencies and customers, and also for international concerns who value data security. At the moment, fileADIT is available in German — an English language version will be coming out in the spring of 2015.

That's how fileADIT works

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